Non-Resident Importers and Canadian Food Inspection Agency: What You Need to Know

2023-03-29 21:51:14 By : Mr. Kevin Fu
In recent news, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced a new regulation regarding the importation of food into Canada. The regulation states that a Non-resident importer (NRI) is an importer who does not have a fixed place of business in Canada but has a fixed place of business in a foreign country and imports food into Canada directly from the foreign country in which they carry on business.

This new regulation is designed to ensure the safety and quality of food products that are imported into Canada. NRI’s will be required to comply with Canadian food safety regulations, including registering with the CFIA, ensuring that their food products meet Canadian standards, and maintaining accurate records of their imported products.
Non-resident importers - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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With their experience and reputation in the automobile industry, Orient S&T is well-positioned to help NRI’s comply with the new CFIA regulation. The company’s expertise in testing and safety equipment will be essential for NRI’s to ensure that their imported products meet Canadian safety standards.

Overall, the new CFIA regulation on NRI’s is a positive step towards ensuring the safety and quality of food products imported into Canada. With companies like Orient S&T ready to provide expert services and equipment to NRI’s, the regulation will going to affect businesses, but it is a necessary step in protecting Canadian consumers.