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SUP-3 suspension tester follows the EUSAMA princple, with mechanical vibraton generated by motor, to create a synchronization measurement of wheel clutch force in dynamic condition, evaluate and analyze the suspension system charactenstics. All test procedure, data collection and analysis are run automatically. There are aligned high quality sensors systems to detect vibration with haccuracy, a computer measures the suspension performance of vehicle testedVibration absorptiveness of each wheel Absorptive difference between thewheels per axle Vibration curves
Items SUP-3
Wheel load tested (kg) 1,500
Dimension of each vibration plate (mm) 650×400
Vibration amplitude (mm) 6
Motor power (kw) 2×2.2
Power suppl 380VAC 3P 50HZ*
Operation temperature 5.4
Operation humidity <95%
Dimension (mm) 2390X580X375
Weight (kg) 620
U3 console bod Embedded computer keyboard + mouse Signal process unit 17inch CRT screen Inkjet A4 printer Power supply: 380V 3P 50HZ 10KW Dimension: 500X600X1400mm With Windows based software, all test procedures will be carried out automatically. There is a database to let customer easyto trace back and search test results Running on Windows OS Vehicle information registration Suspension curves Self diagnostic Self zeroing Mal-function sensors indication Test database RS-232 and Ethernet ports English version software and other language available

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